One of the best and the biggest TV Show for 2017 is “This is Us.” Not only was it one of the best, but it also set the record straight for a TV show. According to Entertainment Weekly, “This is Us” scored a huge 15 million views via Facebook during the first 48 hours of the show. This record over passed the first trailer set by “Legends of Tomorrow” which only got 4.1 views after releasing on Facebook for 48 hours.

With the happiness and heartaches that fans felt for Season 1, “This is Us Season 2 is definitely worth the wait. Although it will take months before the second season will show again, there is more good news waiting for fans.

The show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, shared via Twitter an image from one of the scenes of the show. The image shows Rebecca and Jack in a hospital.

Although the picture does not tell many stories about what will happen, it gives fans a hint of what to expect. By the looks of it, the TV show will take the viewers to the time when Rebecca gave birth.

How about Jack's death?

There are even rumors surrounding the reason of Jack’s death. Although the recently released picture does not tell anything about the show’s mystery, Fogelman already confirmed that season 2 would show how he died.

Fogelman added that “This is Us” Season 2 will solve a huge piece of the puzzle. Will Jack die from a car accident or will he face his death in the bar?

Kate doing what she loves

During an interview with E! Online, Chrissy Metz (Kate) mentioned that she is excited about the show. She stated that Kate would be doing something that she loves and desperately longing for.

Kate might not be the next singing sensation instantly. Metz mentioned that monkey wrenches are being thrown into your life.

What will be the challenges that Kate will face as she pursues a career in singing? Will this affect her relationship with her family?

There are already a lot of hints on Kate’s destiny in season 1. She began opening up to her fiancé Toby regarding her father’s death. With her potential wedding coming up, as well as her singing career, it seems that “This is Us” Season 2 is Kate’s season.

More sides of the story

Kevin’s ex-wife, Sophie, was announced as a series regular. This announcement might mean that her love story with ex-husband Kevin is yet to continue. On the other hand, Kevin will head his way to LA. Kevin had an offer to star as a lead role in a Hollywood film. With this, there might also be a reason for the love story of Kevin and Sophie to end.

This is UsSeason 2 will return in September. It might be a very long wait for fans to find out how Jack will die but hopefully, it will put an end to the mystery surrounding the Pearson’s patriarch. “This is Us” Season 2 will surely bring tears to all viewer’s eyes once it starts showing again.