There will be MajorDestiny 2” changes this coming December. These updates include a new masterworks weapon class that can make significant changes to the game in the coming months. According to Gamespot, Bungie has delivered details on where the game is headed.

There are two updates planned for this coming month. The first one is on December 5, together with Curse of Osiris, and the other one is on December 12. The game developers guaranteed that these updates include deeper rewards for advanced players, better player control over getting rewards, general quality fixes, and most importantly, more weapons to use.

An important inclusion in the coming patch

This is good news for “Destiny 2” players who are using the legendary auto rifle Uriel’s Gift as the coming update in December will include a patch on Uriel's Gift.

If you are not familiar with this auto rifle, you are getting left behind. Uriel’s Gift is a legendary weapon which can be used and equipped with all classes. It can be transferred between different characters using the vault. It can also be dismantled to create new weapons such as the Gunsmith Materials, Glimmer, and the Legendary Shards.

It turns out that upgrading Uriel’s Gift can draw a lot of perks.

  • Spark PS can slightly increase its range and increase its handling speed.
  • Flash HS5 that highlights enemy target can increase the range of Uriel’s Gift and slightly increase its handling speed.
  • High-Caliber Rounds which can knock the target back further can increase this weapon’s range.
  • Steady Rounds of recoil control can greatly increase the stability and decrease the range of this auto rifle.
  • Tap the Trigger can increase the stability and accuracy of initial trigger pull of the rifle.
  • Default Shader can restore your gear to its default color.

Useful in PvE challenges

If you are looking for something to use in PvE challenges such as the "Destiny 2’s" Leviathan Raid or Nightfall or if you want to wreck your fellow guardians within the Crucible, using Uriel’s Gift is a great choice in the auto-refill department.

Uriel’s Gift has a high range, high handling, high stability, and has a decent reload speed. When used, this auto rifle can allow you to shred pretty much anything that steps in front of you. If you have been killed using this weapon in the Crucible, do not feel bad. That is what this auto rifle is intended to do.

Just like the other fan-favorite weapon, the Prosecutor, Uriel’s Gift benefits from having Tap the Trigger. This lets you really hit those shots that you are going for. Together with Steady Rounds and Flash HS5, you have a lean and mean machine that you can use to dominate any challenge in “Destiny 2.”