Rachel Lindsay’s time on the hit reality show The Bachelorette is soon coming to an end and there are talks that the gorgeous lawyer may be interested in joining another hit reality show.

Rachel recently revealed that she is a loyal fan of “The Real Housewives” franchise and with the television series doing a show in her hometown of Dallas, the question came up as to whether she would ever want to be one of the “Housewives.” Talking to Zuri Hall of E! News, Rachel explained that while she did break her promise of not joining reality television, she feels that she doesn’t “want my personal life to be out there so much.”

Comparing The Real Housewives” show to “The Bachelorette,” she said, "’Housewives’ is a little different.

You'll know where I live, you'll know what I drive, who I hang out with. I like to keep that secret."

Fortunately for fans of Rachel, “The Bachelorette” may not be the last reality show you’ll see her in, as her response to whether she would be game to join another show was, “Never say never!”

A rollercoaster ride for the bachelorette

It has been one hell of a week for Rachel as seen on the last episode of “The Bachelorette.” She struggled to let go of Dean Unglert, especially after the emotional talk they had and learning about the difficulties Dean went through after losing his mom. Regardless, she wasn’t able to offer Dean a rose as she had stronger connections with the three guys left: Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo, and Eric Bigger.

She told Us Weekly that having an intimate connection with each of the three guys is what has made the whole thing much more difficult. “I connected with each guy and that made this so hard,” she explained. “Honestly, I wanted to quit and run away rather than proceed.”

The three guys left have totally different personalities but Rachel said that they appeal to her in their own ways.

From the very beginning, it was very evident that Rachel is smitten with the handsome and charming Bryan, even questioning his sincerity at some point, saying that he seems to be too good to be true.

Eric, on the other hand, is someone whom she can always have fun with and described him as a "person who truly seizes the day."

The last of the three guys remaining is Peter, a quiet guy from Wisconsin, who still has his walls up.

Despite that, Rachel knows that the chemistry is there and confessed that he is someone who keeps her interested and someone she constantly misses.

Peter Kraus receives death threats from Rachel's fans

Although Rachel continues to be charmed by Peter, it appears that he accidentally earned the ire of fans after he decided to end his hometown date with the bachelorette without saying "I love you." Commenting on one of his photos on Instagram, Peter explained that saying "I love you" is not something he takes lightly. He apologized to those who were disappointed with him and reminded them that he "chose to take my time in getting to know this woman as much as I possibly could before choosing to express those three words to her.”

The personal trainer emphasized that he was only being honest about his feelings and did not know that doing so would make him a target of death threats sent via email or social media.