The Downloadable Content for the “Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris" expansion was just released today and a lot of players are excited to know what’s new and what’s out in the game. A lot of players also found a new Puzzle in the game’s newly added Lighthouse. In November, Bungie hinted that there is something hidden in “Destiny 2’s” lighthouse and it did not take the players a long time to know the secrets behind the Lighthouse Puzzle.

The Lighthouse Puzzle

The secret behind this puzzle is to find five books bearing symbols in the lighthouse. These books should be activated in the correct order to unlock the treasure chest.

Once the chest is opened, it will grant three tokens as well as the Legendary Engram.

What are the possible rewards?

Some players got a Legendary Engram, 1,000 Glimmer, and Mercury tokens. Although the exact contents of the chests are not yet confirmed, the Legendary Engram is a sure reward for the puzzle breakers.

How to unlock the puzzle

1. To unlock the puzzle, you need to find all the five different books with symbols that are all scattered around the lighthouse. You need to activate these books in order to release the gate that is covering the treasure chest. You can find these books in the following places:

  • First book - Locate where Brother Vance is standing. The first book is located on his right side.
  • Second book - Look for the bookshelves on your right side when you enter the lighthouse. The second symbol is hiding in the lower bookshelves.
  • Third book - This is located on your left side. Go down the small steps, and you can see the third book near the ladder.
  • Fourth book - You can see the fourth one on your right side from the entrance. Locate the Acolyte of Osiris. The fourth book is on the table next to the acolyte.
  • Fifth book - The final book is located on your right side when you are looking at the weapon forget. Hop on the small table or on the nearby ledge and reach for the final book.


Once you are able to activate all the symbols in order, there will be a conflux that will appear on the lighthouse’s right side. When you interact with it, you can see a “Firewall Decrypted” text and the gate that blocks your access to the treasure chest will be removed.

3. Go back to the lighthouse’s front side and jump down on the bridge’s left side.

You can see the treasure chest there.

The “Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris" has just launched and comes with a couple of changes to the game. These changes include the sandbox adjustments, new rewards, and new items in the Eververse inventory.