Ever since viewers learned that "This Is Us" patriarch Jack would die, they've been coming up with theories about just how the popular character played by Milo Ventimiglia would vanish from the TV show. A car crash? A heart attack? Suicide? Alcoholism? Well aware of all those fan theories about his "This Is Us" character, the actor dished with ET and offered some hints for viewers.

Milo Ventimiglia dishes on fan theories

But rather than encourage "This Is Us" viewers to come up with and elaborate on more theories of how his character dies, Milo Ventimiglia recommended that "people need to put away their desire to know and be satisfied with that and know that it’s coming.”

And for those hoping that Ventimiglia would reveal a specific episode of "This is Us" in which Jack dies, Milo kept up the suspense.

The actor played it coy, commenting that it "could be the next episode...[or] the second to last episode...[or] a ways away.”

'This Is Us' builds suspense and stress

Got stress? Milo Ventimiglia also admitted that's part of the "This Is Us" plan. He urged TV viewers to prepare themselves, because the show is "going to be stressful.” And Milo, 39, who was still wearing an arm sling after surgery, cautioned fans about the anxiety that they will feel.

On the latest episode of "This Is Us," fan favorite William (played by Ron Cephas Jones) died. And for those who had high stress and sorrow from that epsiode, Ventimiglia cautioned that there's even more anxiety ahead.

William's death offers hint of what's to come

Milo Ventimiglia also commented on all those emotions that viewers had after William's death. And he offered a hint in comparing that loss to what's ahead on "This Is Us."

While William's death "broke you open" and caused the need for "a lot of emotional repair," the next two episodes are "just going to stress you out,” warned Milo.

But he also discussed the hope that he feels "This Is Us" offers viewers.

Creator Dan Fogelman 'never leaves you hopeless'

No spoiler alert needed, because Milo Ventimiglia declined to discuss details of the "This Is Us" finale. Instead, he reflected on the thread of hope that he feels the show's creator weaves into every episode.

"[Creator] Dan Fogelman has a genius way in his writing where he’s tackling all of these issues and he’s breaking down the emotional response to things that we all experience, but never leaves you hopeless," said Milo. "Even though things may be crumbling or in disrepair or up in the air, the skies will part, the clouds and the sun will shine again."

Chrissy Metz dishes on finale

In addition to Milo Ventimiglia, "This Is Us" star Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, dished on the finale. Chrissy has become known for showing Kate's weight loss struggles on the show. But when the March 7 episode airs, viewers will see Kate join her family in gathering around Randall.

"The next episode will cover the rest of the family finding out about William’s death," said Chrissy Metz.

"It is done in such a tender, fun, sweet, and unconventional way, as is par for the course on 'This Is Us.' That death and that new grief are probably going to bring up some old issues for the big three."