Fans of "Supernatural" were treated to a call for volunteers. Producer Jim Michaels shared the sorry state that Baby was in on the first day of filming season 13 of the series. He jokingly asked for volunteers to wash the car. While many fans would hold back from washing their own car, they happily jumped at the chance to clean Baby. If only it was a serious request.

Despite knowing it was a joke, fans did tell Michaels that he should have set up a time and place for the washing of the car. Plenty of fans would have made their way for the chance to see the real '67 Chevy Impala used on the set.

'Supernatural' season 13 filming begins

While the request for volunteers was actually a joke, there was one important thing to take from the tweet. "Supernatural" season 13 filming has now begun. This should have been clear from Jensen Ackles going back to Canada, but fans now have an official start date of filming from the producers themselves.

Fans won't be that surprised. July is usually when the actors return to Vancouver for filming, after taking some months off to spend with their families and do a few conventions. They can create a teaser for the fans at San Diego Comic Con. The most memorable teaser was the moment that Ackles' character Dean fought his way out of his grave in the season 4 premiere.

There will likely be a quick catch up and then a teaser for the things to come in season 13 of the Winchester drama. It is also possible that a sneak peek of the first moments of the new season will air.

Jensen Ackles removes his hiatus beard

It has become a running joke with Ackles and Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester on the show.

The two allow their beards to grow during their breaks from filming, but then have to get rid of them for filming. Ackles shared a post on Instagram as he returned to Canada with a goodbye message to his "hiatus beard," as it is known.

Currently, it is unclear whether all members of the cast are back in Canada. It is likely that only Ackles and Padalecki are back, as they are the only two in the real world right now.

Mary Winchester and Lucifer are stuck in the alternate dimension and Castiel has been killed. Fans expect Misha Collins to reprise his role as Castiel, but Mark Sheppard has already said that he is leaving his role as Crowley, King of Hell.

"Supernatural" season 13 will return in fall 2017. However, fans will be more excited about San Diego Comic Con 2017, which is on at the end of this month. The Winchester brothers will be there!