Dead people (or demons and angels) don't stay dead forever on "Supernatural," and that is going to be the case for Castiel. We may have seen the angel's death in the season 12 finale, but Misha Collins is sticking around. Now, if only the same could be said for Mark Sheppard, but that's a very different situation. The question is how can "Supernatural" season 13 bring Castiel back from the grave? Here are four options available.

Chuck revives him yet again

At the end of season 5, fans panicked initially when Lucifer killed Castiel with a click of his fingers.

However, God brought him back, allowing Cass to bring Bobby back from the dead and heal Dean's wounds. It is possible for God (who we now know is Chuck) to bring Cass back once more. Chuck is in a much better place now, and it is possible that Amara will convince him that the angel is a necessary part of the world.

Other World Cass comes to help

It doesn't have to be our own Castiel that comes back for "Supernatural" season 13. One option is that Other World Cass plays a role instead. Lucifer and Mary are currently stuck in the post-apocalyptic world where the Winchesters were never born. It would bring back the old Cass that we grew to love -- the one who needed to learn more about humans and how they interract.

It was Other World Castiel who died

Rather than Other World Cass coming into it, there is the possibility that the Other World Cass was the one that died. It's not clear how this could work out, but that is something for the writers to figure out. If the Other World Cass was the one that died, the question would then be where was our own Castiel during the battle?

How did the Other World Cass know that the Winchesters needed saving?

Rowena brings Castiel back

The Winchesters could call on Rowena for help. They did this in the finale, only to find out that Lucifer had her phone. It's unlikely that she's dead, so she has to come up at some point. There is the possibility that she tries to bring both Castiel and Crowley back, but can only bring back one because Crowley is stuck in the Other World.

This would help to bring out a maternal side, as she realizes that while she hated Crowley at times, he was still her son.

"Supernatural" season 13 is definitely returning for the fall 2017 schedule. It will air on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. and is finally being joined with "Arrow" again, which gets the 9 p.m. slot. The CW hasn't released their fall premiere dates yet, unlike CBS.