Abby Lee Miller was cracking jokes and making light of her prison sentence just after she learned her fate but it's safe to say that things are about to get real for the former "Dance Moms" star. It turns out that, all joking aside, Abby Lee is terrified of what might happen to her in prison. Months ago she told People that she was afraid of being raped or assaulted.

What did Abby Lee do?

Today is the day that Abby Lee has both looked forward to and dreaded since the day she was sentenced to one year and one day behind bars. The sentence was handed down after Abby Lee was found guilty of bankruptcy fraud.

The reality TV star was accused of trying to hide money earned from her hit reality series' "Dance Moms," "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" and other projects that she worked on for Lifetime. In October 2015, the dance coach turned reality star was charged with the acts dating back to 2012 and 2013.

Abby Lee Miller was also accused of trying to hide cash when returning to the U.S. from overseas. Miller was said to have split up $120,000 and asked her friends to carry it across the border for her in plastic bags that were hidden in their luggage.

Now she heads to prison

In May, Abby Lee Miller pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud. Despite that, she has always maintained her innocence and still claims that she did nothing wrong.

In response to critics, Abby maintains that she is a "good little Catholic girl" and that she would never have committed fraud on purpose.

In addition to the 366-day sentence, Miller was also fined $400,000, ordered to pay a judgment for $120,000 and was required to submit a DNA sample. When asked previously how she was preparing for the prison stay, Abby joked that she was going to treat it like she was filming a movie.

Abby will be housed at the FCI Victorville prison in California for the length of her sentence. How long that will be, no one really knows. Even though the former "Dance Moms" star was sentenced to 366 days, it's very likely that she will be released early. Upon her release, Abby will still face the monetary fine and two years of probation.

Abby didn't forget her fans before heading in to turn herself in. Prior to reporting to the Victorville facility, Abby Lee Miller left a message on Instagram for her fans. It said, "Today is going to be a tough day! Seems as though important facts were omitted from the case! Just wanted to let the world know - moms & girls all made money, Lots of money! Nobody was doing me a favor out of the kindness of their hearts!"

E! News reported that Abby has already turned herself in. Earlier today, a black SUV was seen at the detention center and the "Dance Moms" star was said to be in it.