With just a few days until the "Pokémon GO" Fest, new details continue to emerge on social media about this great event to be held in the city of Chicago. According to new information revealed, it is very likely that a "Mystery Challenge" appears at the event as part of the festivities to be held for the anniversary celebration of the "Pokémon GO" app.

Days ago, Niantic' developers announced that for the "Pokémon GO" Fest, players and trainers would be able to unlock the bonuses to receive some gifts as rewards as well as others new challenges. The arriving of the legendary Pokémon to the game has been one of the most talked themes in the recent days.

Niantic has not mentioned the Legendary Creatures for this event yet. However, it looks like that this new "Mystery Challenge" will be closely related to the long-awaited Legendary Pokemon. Apparently, Niantic's plans for this event will go beyond what was originally guessed.

Next, we will share with you all details revealed about the new challenges players could face in the first-anniversary celebration of "Pokémon GO."

Will Niantic release the Legendary Pokémon during the anniversary celebration of the app?

While it is true that Niantic has announced several activities for the "Pokémon GO" Fest, the company has not yet confirmed if there will be any event related to the Legendary Creatures. However, according to new information revealed in different social media, the Legendary Pokémon's Release Date could be closer than previously thought.

“This summer will be legendary,” it is what Niantic’s Global Marketing Lead Archit Bhargava said just a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, Legendary Creatures will be released at the end of July, but not all at once.

What about the mystery challenge?

During the anniversary celebration of "Pokémon GO," players will have the challenge to look for certain specific types of Pokémon based on the bonuses they manage to unlock.

However, it has rumored that the “Mystery Challenge” will be one of the significant challenges that will take place during the "Pokémon GO" Fest. As reported by players in social networks, this new challenge would consist of a Legendary unlock.

For the moment Niantic has not given details about it, but anything could be possible.

It is worth mentioning that Niantic's developers have announced that during the event, players will be able to find some Rare Pokémon.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.