The second trailer for “Rick and Mortyseason 3 may have confirmed speculations of Conflict happening between the titular characters. A series of scenes depict what could be resentment brewing between the pair.

Conflict develops

Episode 1, titled “Rickshank Rickdemption,” hinted of what could be conflict developing between grandfather and grandson as Season 3 progresses. The premiere saw Morty’s intent to kill the mad scientist. He also disagreed with Summer that Rick is a hero. At the end of the episode, the teenager gave his grandfather a look of disappointment mix with dislike, when he learned that the latter planned his parents’ divorce.

According to Den of Geek, these hints in the premiere point to a developing conflict and tension that might see Morty rebel against his grandfather.

Conflict hinted in “Rick and Morty” Season 3 trailer

Adult Swim released the second trailer for the new season that seems to confirm speculations of conflict between the characters. At the 0:24 mark of the preview titled “Exquisite Corpse,” we see the characters turn into giants as they duel against each other. Then at the 1: 37 mark is a scene that shows the pair hugging each other before the scientist gobbles his grandson’s head. Lastly, at the 2:35 mark we see the pair in ancient Egypt and the scientist stabs Morty with a large knife. These scenes could be a metaphor for what could be Rick turning against his grandson and vice versa.

Morty’s loyalty to Rick

Regardless, Morty has no choice but to be loyal to his grandfather. According to showrunner Dan Harmon, the teenager remains obedient to the mad scientist as Season 3 progresses. The premiere episode hinted this when Rick told his grandson to always obey his orders. Harmon told Time that Episode 1 ended in a dark and sinister way when the scientist warned his grandson not to stand in his way.

Likewise, their adventure continues despite the developing tension and conflict. The trailer reveals their misadventures and the grandson continues to follow his grandfather’s lead. The teenager continues to follow whatever the scientist tells him to do.

What happens next in “Rick and Morty” Season 3

Episode 2 of the animated series will take the characters on another intergalactic adventure. The episode titled “Rickmancing the Stone” might see the pair on a quest to rescue Summer. Speculations point to the 1980s film “Romancing the Stone” as the inspiration for the episode’s plot.