The show's creators have released a new trailer for “Rick and Mortyseason 3, which is pretty much a montage of scenes from the season. The preview comes after Adult Swim announced the release date of the animated series and released the first sneak peek for the installment.

Second trailer

Co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have released a new trailer for the season, which is anything but interesting and intriguing. A lot can be said about the preview but one word stands out—trippy. The trailer is a montage of scenes, understandably from the third season, which sees the titular characters on different intergalactic adventures.

We see the grandfather and grandson duo turn into monsters and fight each other. There are various locations and eras featured in the preview, which according to Den of Geek is made using different animation styles.

The trailer for “Rick and MortySeason 3 contains several possible spoilers but too convoluted to determine otherwise. It is likely that the installment brings back the Citadel of Ricks and touches on the speculated conflict that happens between the scientist and his grandson.

Season 3 Release date

The second trailer came after Adult Swim announced the return of the show on July 30 at 11:30 pm EST on Cartoon Network. Season 3 debuted on April 1 with “Rickshank Rickdemption,” which saw the mad scientist bust his way out of the Galactic Federation prison and back to his family.

The episode also saw Morty almost kill his grandfather and the latter admitting responsibility for Beth and Jerry’s divorce. Fans speculate his parents’ divorce prompts Morty to turn against his grandfather in Season 3.

What to watch out for when “Rick and Morty” Season 3 returns

The new season returns with Episode 2 called “Rickmancing the Stone.” There is no synopsis released yet, although the episode is supposedly likely a play on the 1980s film “Romancing the Stone.

” In this movie, a mercenary and a novelist went on a mission to save the latter’s sister. They fell in love along the way as they venture through the jungle using a treasure map. Fans point to Summer as the one in danger in Episode 2 and the titular characters have to find a way to save her. It is likely that Morty finds a new love interest also as they go on the rescue mission.

Fans can expect to see the scientist turn himself into a pickle in Season 3. Adult Swim released the first trailer for Season 3, which saw Pickle Rick battle rats using mechanical arms. The installment is likely also going to bring Evil Morty back.