Rick and Mortyseason 3 returns to screens on July 30 with Episode 2, titled “Rickmancing the Stone.” No details or synopsis has been released yet for the episode, although we have some possible details about the storyline below.

Conflict between the titular characters

Expect to see the titular characters interact a bit differently than in the previous seasons. There is bound to be tension according to Den of Geek. This conflict was hinted in the Season 3 premiere episode when Morty nearly killed his grandfather and declined to call him a hero.

Episode 1 also ended with a tease that he has had enough of the scientist’s controlling behavior, after he learned that Rick is behind his parents Beth and Jerry’s divorce.

Another adventure full of mishaps

Episode 2 might see Rick and Morty go on a jungle adventure, be it on another planet or not. Speculations point to the classic film “Romancing the Stone” as the basis for the episode’s story. In this 1980s film, a mercenary and a novelist travel to a remote jungle to rescue the latter’s sister. They use a treasure map, which of course leads them to a treasure.

Summer in danger in “Rick and Morty “Season 3 Episode 2

Following the plot for “Romancing the Stone,” fans believe that Summer is the one in need of rescuing in “Rickmancing the Stone.

” She either gets kidnapped or is missing. The trailer for Season 3 did not hint at this scenario though. One scene in the preview hints that Summer is very capable of taking care of herself.

Regardless, it is interesting to point out the #KeepSummerSafe tweet from the show’s lead animator Eric Bofa Nfon. He posted this tweet along with the confirmation that Season 3 is not canceled.

New romantic interest

In “Romancing the Stone,” the two characters fell in love along their search. This brings fans to believe that either Morty or Rick finds a love interest in Season 3 Episode 2.

It is likely though that the teenager finds a new girl to crush on aside from Jessica. The mad scientist has been vocal about his disbelief on love after his last girlfriend Unity walked out on him.

Evil Morty to return in “Rick and Morty” Season 3 Episode 2

The premiere episode hinted at the return of the eye-patched Morty. If you listen closely to the video below, you can hear someone say, "He who controls the pants controls the galaxy." This statement clearly does not come from the overly anxious Morty, rather likely from his evil doppelganger.