Justin Bieber has been in the media a lot recently. The star is featuring in several news pieces online as he was involved in an accident with a member of the paparazzi. The singer was surrounded by a swarm of photographers when he accidentally hit one of them with his truck. The Incident occurred Wednesday night and the star immediately got out to help the man he hit. The individual is in hospital but he is not in serious condition. He has released a statement praising Justin Bieber for his help. It is doubtful as to whether or not the man will seek legal action against the star.

However, as he is impressed with the action Bieber took one can assume Bieber will not be facing a lawsuit.

The accident occurred Wednesday night

According to CNN Entertainment, Justin Bieber was involved in an accident with a member of the paparazzi recently. The star was trying to navigate his truck while he was surrounded by several of the photographers when the incident occurred. According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, Bieber hit the individual when he was trying to get away from the paparazzi. Once Bieber realized what had happened he immediately got out of his vehicle to help the photographer.

The accident happened near the Saban Theater. According to the Daily Mail, a church service had just concluded in the theater.

The 57-year old photographer was taken to the hospital. He had no serious injuries. No other vehicles or people were involved in the incident. The Lieutenant at the scene, Lieutenant Scott Dowling stated that the singer remained on the scene until the man was taken to the hospital. While it has not been confirmed as such, police are calling the incident an accident.

The photographer talked about the singer

The 57-year old photographer, Maurice Lamont, who was hit by Justin Bieber's truck has released a statement about the incident. The man was helped by the singer immediately and had some kind words for the star. According to Metro, Maurice was very impressed by the singer's helpfulness at the time.

He took to Instagram to release a statement in which he said that Bieber was a good kid and checked on Maurice quickly after the accident occurred. He went on to say that accidents happen and even joked that he got hit by a famous singer hours before his 58th birthday.

Maurice Lamont has not mentioned a lawsuit and it seems that the photographer will not be pursuing the singer in the courts. Justin Bieber has not yet made a statement about the incident.