Justin Bieber hasn't had an easy run of it in the last couple of years. His relationship with fame has not been a happy one and the 23-year-old has been well-known for engaging in what can only be described at times as irrational behavior. Bieber started out in the world of music at a young age, and the star's net worth has continuously increased since then. His first single "One Time" which was released in May 2009 went platinum in the singer's home country of Canada. He has since released many more singles and albums, all of which have been a great success.

He starred in his own movie "Never Say Never" which hit cinema screens in 2011 and has sold out countless national and international tours. Let's face it, whether you love him or hate him, you definitely know his voice when you hear it.

Bieber says 'sorry' to fans in the aftermath of canceled tour dates

Fans in Asia and North America have been left bitterly disappointed by the cancellation of the remaining tour dates on Bieber's Purpose World Tour. The reason the singer canceled the tour is unconfirmed, although there is a lot of speculation in regard to the real reason behind it. It has been suggested by reports that Bieber simply needs to rest and that the star may be suffering from exhaustion.

When you take into consideration how hard he has worked over the last eight years, this is plausible. Speaking to TMZ about the tour cancellation, Bieber said: "I'm sorry for anybody who feels disappointed or betrayed."

The tour has been going since March 2016 with the singer performing over 150 shows. The tour reached a gross of $93.2 million at the beginning of 2017 to the middle of the year alone.

Now, it stands at a gross of nearly $200 million. Not too bad for a year's work.

Tickets will be refunded

For those in shock over the seemingly out-of-the-blue decision, they should take a small piece of comfort from the fact that their tickets will be refunded. Although it is obviously very disappointing, one does have to admire Bieber's decision to sit this one out and give his fans their money back if he feels that the show that they have paid so much for would not be worth it.

Bieber also told TMZ, "I have been on tour for two years. I'm looking forward to just resting, getting some relaxation and we're going to ride some bikes." It really does sound like the artist just wants to catch up on rest before getting back to business and going back out on the road.