Kourtney Kardashian is enjoying a holiday in the beautiful country of Eygpt. The star posted several pictures to her Instagram account, showing her exploring The Great Pyramids of Eygpt and El Gouna. The Kardashian sister is holidaying in the company of Simon Huck, main proprietor of Command PR in New York City. The pair is enjoying immersing themselves in Egyptian culture, with Huck also sharing photographs of the trip on his Instagram account. The couple can be seen taking in the unique Egyptian landscape, lazing on a boat and riding camels.

Kourtney poses for the camera while on holiday in Eygpt

Kourtney shared pictures of her trip to El Gouna on Instagram yesterday. The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star posted a picture of herself standing barefoot in the desert, with sand stretching in every direction. The star donned a black, string bikini showing off her toned figure as her hair blew picturesquely in the wind. The sun shone brightly to the left of the star as she smiled for the camera. The picture has received over 900 thousand likes so far.

In a second picture, captioned "floating debrief" by the star, Kourtney can be seen looking rather cozy with Simon Huck. The two relaxed together on a spacious boat as they engaged in conversation.

33-year-old Huck showed off his abs while he reclined in his seat, and his attention appeared to be very much on Kourtney. Another picture taken on the boat showed Kourtney and Huck sprawled out on the deck. The pair appeared to be taking in the scenery around them, surrounded by the Red Sea and other vessels. The two lazed in the sun and seemed to be enjoying each other's company.

Kourtney also shared a picture of herself standing on a sandy hilltop, wearing the same tiny black bikini as in her most recent snap. The star certainly wasn't afraid to show off her body as she struck a sassy pose, standing on sandy terrain with a clear blue sky behind her.

Kourtney visits The Great Pyramids of Eygpt

The socialite had previously shared pictures of her trip to The Great Pyramids of Eygpt on her Instagram account.

Kourtney posted pictures of herself in camouflage army pants and a simple fitted white tee as she explored the ancient structures. She posed for pictures near the pyramids, as well as on top of a set of steep steps. The star also shared an adorable snap of herself and a camel going in for a kiss, captioned "no tongue". The picture received over 800 thousand likes, with fans commenting on the camel's apparent body artwork.