Elisabeth Moss has taken to Instagram to defend Scientology after a curious fan questioned the religion's connection to "The Handmaid's Tale". 35-year-old Moss shared a picture of herself on the social media site on August 15, in which she appeared to be on a rooftop, looking and smiling at something slightly above her. Moss captioned the picture, letting fans know that she was at a final "The Handmaid's Tale" event until the Emmys, which will take place on 17 September 2017. The star thanked those who attended the event, saying their "love and support" for the TV series was greatly appreciated.

Moss revealed they are beginning work on season 2 of the show, which she said is "going to blow your minds".

Curious fan questions Moss about similarities between "The Handmaid's Tale" and Scientology

Fans of the TV series commented beside the photograph, showing their support and enthusiasm for it. One fan, however, couldn't help but ask Moss if the show depicts a similar set of beliefs as the religion Scientology. According to US Weekly, a fan with the username @moeleybanks asked Moss if "The Handmaid's Tale" caused her to question her beliefs, saying that both think the news and other outside sources are "wrong and evil". Moss was quick to come to the defense of her religion, stressing that Scientology does not believe that.

The star ex

The star explained that living in a world of "religious freedom and tolerance" are main concerns she has. Moss said she believes there should be equality for all religions, beliefs systems, and races, and that this is very important to her. She added that "The Handmaid's Tail" affected her "on a personal level", before thanking the fan for their engaging question.

"The Handmaid's Tale" is based on Margaret Atwood's book by the same name, and explores the happenings of a totalitarian society (Gilead) in the United States. In this society, women are viewed as property, and due to a fall in birth rates, several women are forced to conceive and have children in order to repopulate the world.

What is Scientology?

According to scientology.org, the religion was created in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard and is a path of self-understanding and spiritual enlightenment. The site stresses that Scientology believes humans are much more than their physical forms and places a big emphasis on one's spiritual being. People are encouraged to discover the religion and its "truths" by following its belief system and seeing the results for themselves.