The Weeknd has taken the world by storm. His third studio album, "Starboy," has garnered critical acclaim and accolades, but not without a price. The Canadian artist recently broke up with his lover, model Bella Hadid. The pair parted ways because of their respective work commitments, but The Weeknd took their time apart too literally. He found the woman with "lips like Angelina" and an "a** shaped like Selena" -- Selena Gomez. The young couple's enjoying their budding relationship, but it's left one more lonely guy: Justin Bieber. He's very upset about it.

Does The Weeknd care? No.

The Weeknd reminds Justin Bieber

The Weeknd's a savage. If fans forgot about his prowess now, they were reminded of it with his music video for "Reminder," a song on his 2016 body of work. The song's a message to his collective group of haters, but "Reminder" was his perfect response to Justin Bieber's beef with him. The viral video stars other noteworthy artists such as: Drake, Asap Rocky, Bryson Tiller, Travis Scott, and French Montana. However, they were just there for play and not work. The Weeknd looked like he was just at another house party that everybody attended, except for Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber's take

The young musician, also from Canada, was the first to attack The Weeknd and his stardom.

In a short conversation with "TMZ," Justin Bieber explained why he could never listen to The Weeknd's songs. "That shit's wack," he said to the camera. His diss wasn't directed at The Weeknd's music but towards his relationship with Selena Gomez. After hearing about their newfound romance, Justin Bieber was visibly upset, so he lambasted his counterpart's artistry.

However, he's been silent since then. According to a "Hollywood Life" report, a source said the 22-year-old is calmer. "He's not thinking about his ex, or her new boyfriend, or some diss track that was dropped over night. Justin's only focus right now is preparing for his concert and giving his fans the best possible experience when he hits the stage," the unnamed individual says. Hopefully, his tour goes well; at least it's not his "girl's tour," right?