"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that Abigail will be even more caught up in the Deimos murder case than she believed. Things are heating up in Salem, and fans are in for a wild ride when Ben Weston is allegedly seen on "DOOL" again in the future.

Is Ben Weston returning to Salem to torment Abigail Deveraux yet again?

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the character of Ben Weston will return, in some form, to "Days of our Lives." The latest spoilers suggest that Ben will return, possibly just in Abby's mind or memories, to reveal a huge break in the Deimos murder case.

It seems that Abigail may have murdered Deimos. As many "DOOL" fans know, Abigail was tormented by Ben Weston and has suffered severe PTSD, which led to her faking her own death.

Ben is Abigail's weakness, the cause for her mental illness

However, since Abigail returned from "death," her mental health hasn't been much of an issue. Now that "Days of our Lives" has a brand new head writer in Ron Carlivati, the drama is going to be at an all time high, and Abigail's mental health will likely come in to question again. The report suggests that Abigail may have hallucinated Ben's face the night that Deimos gave half the town the Halo drug, and that she may have been the one to kill Deimos, believing that he was Ben.

Is Chad covering up the murder of Deimos because Abby is the real killer?

As many "Days of our Lives" fans know, Abigail's fake husband, Dario, is currently blackmailing her using a photograph of her ex-husband, Chad DiMera, that seemingly points to him being Deimos' murderer. The photo shows Chad wiping off fingerprints from the knife that killed Victor's younger brother.

However, Chad may have been wiping off Abigail's fingerprints. Since neither Chad nor Abigail can really remember all of the details about the night they were drugged, it is possible that Abby is the true killer, and that Chad was doing everything in his power to protect the love of his life.

What's next for 'Chabby?'

Meanwhile, Ron Carlivati is hearing everything that "Days of our Lives" viewers are saying in regards to what they want to see on the NBC Soap Opera, and he's ready to oblige in at least one case.

The new "DOOL" writer reveals that Abigail and Chad will be a priority, and fans will get to see them back together in the near future, and their reunion will likely start with the current storyline involving Dario and Deimos' murder mystery.