Rumors have been spreading that the Kardashian Sisters latest bout of revealing photographs could be an attempt to distract from the current scandal between their brother Rob and his ex-fiancee Blac Chyna. In a rather unusual move for the Kardashians, the family have not associated themselves with the scandal in any way, shape or form and have not recognized it in a public manner. This has led some celebrity crisis experts to suggest that the recently posted photographs by Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie are an attempt to move the attention away from the scandal.

Self-proclaimed momager, Kris, has also been posting the rather revealing images of her daughters. Kevin Blatt, a celebrity crisis expert, has said the "best form of crisis management sometimes is to say or do nothing -- something we aren't used to when it comes to the Kardashians".

Blac Chyna's and Rob Kardashian's scandal

The seriousness of the current scandal between Rob and Chyna could be one reason the Kardashians are keeping quiet about this one. Rob and Chyna have had an on-going volatile relationship for some time which came to a head when Rob posted explicit pictures of Blac Chyna online as a form of revenge. Chyna has also come forward and claimed that Rob Kardashian has been physically violent towards her.

After the explicit picture scandal, Chyna sought and secured a restraining order against Rob. However, the restraining order was temporary. Speaking of Californian law in terms of non-consensual release of pornographic images, Kevin Blatt said of the Kardashians, "they most likely won't address this scandal because of the severity of the new revenge porn law".

Rob and Chyna's custody of daughter Dream could be on edge

To add to the scandal, the very public relationship breakdown has been touted by experts as being possible to cause the loss of custody of 8-month-old daughter, Dream Renee Kardashian. The ongoing scandal has not helped either parents case when it comes to being a competent and responsible parent as rumors of flying of involvement with drugs and alcohol, cheating and domestic violence.

The Kardashian clan are reportedly said to be very concerned about the welfare of baby Dream. Alyssa Eisner, a matrimonial attorney has said, "these are very serious accusations. If true, yes they risk potentially losing custody; however, a proper investigation would have to take place to determine the validity of the accusations and what, if any, impact the actions have on their child as well as their ability to parent".