Taylor Swift certainly knows how to makes a dramatic entrance. The 27-year-old musician left Fans in a tizzy today, August 18, after she blacked out her social media sites. The star's actions have caused fans to wonder if she's about to release new music. Swift hasn't released a new album since "1989", which was released in 2014 and sold close to 9.5 million copies according to Express UK. The star has reportedly been working on a new album, according to US Weekly. The publication revealed in May that Swift was back in the studio and recording a new album.

Taylor Swift shocks fans by blacking out official website and social media accounts

Swift took to Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, removing content and deleting posts. According to US Weekly, the "Blank Space" singer deleted all posts on Tumblr and Instagram, as well as getting rid of her profile images on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, Swift didn't stop there. She also deleted tweets posted from 2011 onwards. The star didn't forget her official website, changing the homepage to vast black expanse.

Swift's actions have fans in a frenzy. Many have taken to social media accounts to express their excitement and confusion over the star's measures. On Twitter, the public has shared posts showing support for the singer and saying they don't want to go to sleep as they wait in anticipation for Swift's next move.

Fans have expressed their exhilaration, tweeting "Taylor is coming!" and saying she "broke the internet." According to Music News and Facts, Swift is due to give a surprise performance on "Good Morning America". This has led to speculation that she may perform a new single.

Other fans have been eager to see the singer's actions come on the third anniversary of "1989's" announcement.

The singer has certainly stirred up a lot of excitement and bewilderment, with fans anxiously awaiting more information.

Is Taylor Swift about to drop another album?

It's unlikely that the star has decided to do a serious clean-up of her social media accounts, leading fans to believe there's only one reason Swift would do something so drastic - there's new music coming.

According to US Weekly, a source revealed in May that the singer was working on a new album and that she was "excited to get back out there." Swift reportedly is continuing down the path of pop with her upcoming album, and the singer knows fans are enthusiastically waiting for her next release.