"Nashville" season 5 is introducing the possibility of a new love interest for Deacon. The question fans have is whether this is too soon for the character. Fans are divided over whether he should stop grieving for Rayna and move on with his life already. It makes it especially hard as fans are not completely over the loss of the star and heart of the show.

It's too soon for Deacon to move on

It's often difficult to get an idea of a timeline on TV shows. "Nashville" hasn't made it exactly clear, but Scarlett's baby bump may be a good gauge for how far the show has gone since Rayna's death.

It's no more than six or seven months since Rayna's death, based on the bump. Of course, all pregnancies and bump sizes are different but this is a generalization for the sake of working on the timeline.

Six months, honestly, isn't that long, even for men, to move on from their soul mates. There is the idea that men move on quicker. However, Deacon doesn't just have himself to think about. He has a daughter and a step-daughter, one of whom is struggling with depression and another who is getting herself in the news for all the wrong reasons.

With everything in play, it's just too soon for Deacon to move on. He hasn't had a real chance to grieve for himself. He's so busy with everyone else and Highway 65 that he hasn't had the chance to really accept that Rayna is gone.

There are also plenty of hints throughout recent episodes that he hasn't gotten over her yet.

Love comes from the most surprising of places

One of the newest females on the show, Jessie, certainly looks like a potential love interest for Deacon. However, the show looks to be setting up a friendship first. Deacon and Jessie have both said that they're not ready to move on yet.

Jessie has gotten out of a divorce from an abuser, who has made it impossible for her to see her own child. Deacon still misses Rayna deeply.

It is possible that "Nashville" is just sowing the seeds for love in the future. After all, love hits people in the most surprising of places. There isn't a definitely timeline for grieving and moving on.

Fans need to like a character first, before they will even accept Deacon moving on with her though. The next few episodes for Jessie will be crucial.

Fans aren't over Rayna yet. That is not going to help with the idea of Deacon moving on in "Nashville." "Grey's Anatomy" is proof of how loyal fans are to an epic love story. Fans are not yet over Derek and didn't want Meredith moving on even after more than two years in the TV show's timeline. Do you think it's too soon for Deacon to move on? "Nashville" returns on Thursday at 9/8c on CMT.