Kendall Jenner goes braless as she steps out for a girls' day with a pal to celebrate the end of stalker hell. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star had a lot to be cheerful and happy about after landing a restraining order against a fan. She decided to throw a party and spent quality time with her friends. Donning sunglasses to hide her eyes, Jenner left her bra at home and swept her hair up into a bun as she wore a black top that hung loosely over her frame.

Her party began just a few hours after the courts granted restraining orders against a fan, Thomas Hummel, who had been teasing the reality TV star for months.

Since February, Thomas was regularly sending love letters to Kendall Jenner, asking her for marriage. When Kendall refused to return to his affections, Thomas started sending some threatening messages to her mother Kris Jenner and boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

Kendall Jenner goes braless and shows off her washboard abs

Kendall Jenner has rocked a fresh and chic look for summer that we're obsessed with. The 21-year-old actress felt happy when she was granted permission to take actions against Thomas Hummel. She threw a party on Saturday night and invited a few close friends. The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star opted to go braless beneath her black shirt that flaunted her abs. Plus, Jenner's jeans made her legs look sexy, long, and slim.

She accessorized her looks with black heels and a brown handbag. She chose to wear a necklace and simple earrings on her party.

Bella Hadid, on the other hand, wore a simple yet elegant white outfit. Unlike Kendall, Bella accessorized her look with chunky jewelry and lots of makeup. The ladies looked like they were having a ball on the islands of Mykonos in Greece.

Kendall attracted a lot of fans on her Twitter due to this glamorous look.

Kendall Jenner and her fans

The "Keeping up with the Kardashians" actress has been criticized for her most recent look.

She went braless and spent quality time with her friends. According to Hollywood Life, some fans have called Kendall a "senseless woman" – it would not be wrong to say that the reality TV star has experienced more trouble with obsessed fans. Kendall reportedly dealt with her fair share of stalkers in the past. She seemed to be tired of all obsessed fans, including California born Thomas Hummel, who sent her a lot of threatening letters. It's time for Kendall Jenner to forget the past and move on in her life. We wish her good luck and pray that she may get lots of chances to hook up with her friends.