Fans devastated at the idea of Erin Lindsay walking away from the Intelligence Unit in "Chicago P.D." will have some good news. Jon Seda has confirmed that he is returning to the police drama, and he will return as a series regular. This isn't completely surprising news, especially since his show "Chicago Justice" has been canceled. While it isn't a complete replacement for Sophia Bush's Lindsay, Seda's return will soften the blow.

Sophia Bush wants to do something else

Detective Erin Lindsay has been one of the most-loved characters on "Chicago P.D.

" She has brought a strong female presence to a world that is mostly filled with testosterone. The character has been to hell and back, coming out of it all as a stronger character and a role model. Despite fans wanting to see her and Halstead back together, Lindsay will decide to take the job offered to her in the "Chicago P.D." season 4 finale.

There is the chance that Bush will return in the future. This doesn't appear to be the complete end, and relationships behind the scenes look strong. It has been the actress's choice to move on to other pastures. It's just a shame that she hasn't seen it through to the 100th episode of the season, which will happen in season 5.

Jon Seda remains with the 'One Chicago' franchise

At the end of season 3, Jon Seda's character Antonio Dawson made the decision to take a job offer by the State Attorney's Office. He moved into "Chicago Justice," which was the latest "One Chicago" spin-off. Unfortunately, the show only saw one season, getting canceled by NBC a couple of months ago.

While fans were disappointed, they were worried about Seda's future. It looked like he was saying goodbye to the franchise at first.

That goodbye was never on the cards. Seda and Dick Wolf (creator of the franchise) have worked together for two decades. Wolf wants to keep Seda involved for as long as possible. Dawson will come back to the Intelligence Unit.

How that is going to play out is currently unknown. It could be that Voight wants someone he trusts deeply to take over Lindsay's empty spot.

"Chicago P.D." is one of two "One Chicago" shows coming back in fall 2017. While "Justice" was outright canceled, "Chicago Med" has been pushed to a midseason slot. "P.D." is returning to Wednesday nights at 10/9c and will return on September 26, 2017. Parent show "Chicago Fire" will return too, but on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays in the 10/9c time slot.