"Nashville" season 5, episode 19 makes it very clear that there is going to be a problem in Scarlett's pregnancy. What the exact complication will be is currently unknown, but it looks like it is linked to the mugging that happened in episode 18. Gunnar races into the hospital to make sure Scarlett is alright and is later seen attacking one of the muggers. What does this mean for The Exes?

Will Scarlett have a miscarriage?

Right now, it looks like Scarlett is going to have a miscarriage, but that isn't the only complication that could occur in pregnancy.

Fans are worried that a miscarriage will happen after the mugging in "Nashville" season 5, episode 18. However, it is possible that Scarlett's baby was already going to have some type of disability or complication. It just happens that finding out about that problem comes at the same time as the mugging aftermath. Will "Nashville" really go dark with a miscarriage storyline, after fans are already grieving for Rayna?

Deacon is visibly upset about whatever Scarlett is told in the hospital. This leads to the scene of Gunnar searching for the muggers that attacked them. He comes across one and attacks from behind, before punching the younger boy. Is it possible that Gunnar will be picked up by the police for his attack?

Does Maddie learn the truth about the song?

Meanwhile in "Nashville," Juliette stole a song from Maddie. While Juliette has tried hard to hide this fact from the young star, it looks like Maddie is going to learn the truth in episode 19. Maddie confronts Juliette in a crowd of people, before throwing a drink at her.

Of course, this could all fire back on Maddie.

She has already proven to be volatile in situations, such as when Clay was pulled over by police potentially purely because of his race. Journalists are focusing on Maddie's disruptive behavior because she is grieving for her mother. This could be another event that reporters pick up on, and Juliette would certainly have the spin and story worked out.

"Nashville" season 5 is heating up. There are just three episodes of the season left, and still, plenty of drama to unfold and stories to tell. Just how will the writers leave Gunnar, Scarlett, Juliette, and Maddie? How will Deacon deal with another potential loss in his life? Will he be able to help Scarlett through a potential miscarriage, when he is currently still grieving the loss of his wife?

"Nashville" season 15, episode 19 airs on Thursday, July 20 at 9/8c on CMT. What do you think will happen this week?