"Nashville" season 5 is setting up for some heartbreaking moments. If the teen depression storyline wasn't enough, now it looks like two couples are breaking up. One of those isn't that surprising, but the other is a couple that fans are rooting to stay together. There's a lot to take in from the promo for "Nashville" season 5, episode 17. What do you think will happen in "Ghost in This House?"

Will fed up with Zach's actions?

The promo opens to Will walking out of the house with a packed back. He's ready to walk away from Zach, making it clear that he just doesn't know who the guy is.

It's not really clear why this is happening right now, but could it be that Will doesn't like what Zach is doing to Highway 65? While Zach may be trying to save the record label, it's certainly clear that the guy is really only in it for the money. He's ready to destroy Rayna's dream label.

The last we saw of Will he was trying to get a chance to do the Budweiser jingle. Has that all gone wrong? Will it turn out that Zach isn't quite helping Will's career like first believed?

Scarlett's faces the wrath of fans

It's never easy being in the public eye, but Scarlett knows that. She's faced the media turning against her, unsympathetic to her mental health. However, now she has fans turning against her.

One of the issues with the media is they paint a rosy picture when everything is being destroyed behind the scenes or they report something that's not really happening based on a quote taken out of context.

When a fan tells Scarlett that she and Gunnar were perfect for each other, Scarlett can't help but tell the truth. Their relationship definitely wasn't all peaches and cream.

Yet, it's Scarlett who ends up in the fan's bad books, as the fan decides that Scarlett is the cheater. Will Gunnar stand up for his ex-girlfriend?

Avery walks away from Juliette

Things have always been rocky between Juliette and Avery. The poor guy just can't seem to do anything right. Well, that's definitely the case this week, when he tries to find the middle ground between Deacon and Juliette, only for Juliette to be angry at his actions.

Now it looks like Avery is ready to call it quits. He tells Juliette that something has been building for a long time, which leads to Juliette crying that she doesn't want him to leave. Is he walking away or has he decided it's time to focus on his music career. He was offered a chance to tour a few weeks ago but turned it down for his wife.

"Nashville" season 5 continues on Thursdays at 9/8c on CMT. What do you think will happen between Juliette and Avery? Share in the comments below.