Spencer Cassadine is a young man on a mission. He is determined to avenge the alleged death of his father Nicholas. Viewers saw Valintin shoot the prince with Ava Jerome as a witness. Previous spoiler alerts, however, indicate that Spencer's father may be alive and well. if the young boy knows that his dad is alive he is doing a good job of hiding it. He now is embarked on a lawsuit against his great uncle and determined to reclaim all that he has lost.

Spencer is on the loose and there is no stopping him

Spencer Cassadine was whisked away to a boarding school in Paris after Valentin shot his father.

He recently reappeared in Genoa City after boarded a plane and utilizing Uber to return to his hometown. An elementary school age child does not have the ability to sing himself out of school and travel across the world. This is why many believe Nicholas may be alive and in hiding somewhere.

The son of Nicholas is on the loose and no one can handle him.His grandmother Laura is spending most of her time tracking him down now that his driver is chauffeuring him all over town. Laura has found her grandson at the Crimson office, talking to Nina and on Cassadine Island looking for evidence to use against Valentin. The young Cassadine prince was even found him with his uncle Sonny Corinthos. This was just after Spencer asked the mob boss to get rid of his uncle on his behalf.

The Young Cassadine Prince is in rare form

Spencer is now portraying Hamlet in a play at Lila's Kids summer camp. On Thursday he told Joslyn and Oscar that he was literally living Hamlet's life but he would not make the same mistake that the Shakespeare character did. The teens may not have realized it but this was yet another veiled threat to kill his great uncle.

The former heir to all things Cassadine wants to reclaim his home on Spoon Island and everything that comes with it.

Valentin located Spencer at Lila's kids camp and tried to make peace with him but to no avail. The young boy stood his ground and announced that there was nothing his great uncle could do to appease him. Viewers are wondering if the child is doing all of this on his own or if his father Nicholas is somehow leading him down the path of revenge and defending the family honor.

Spoiler alerts are painting a picture of an action packed summer with the dueling Cassadines. Stay tuned to find out who ends up with the family fortune and if Spencer's dad indeed returns from the dead.

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