Over the past few weeks on "General Hospital," Spencer Cassadine's name has been mentioned quite a bit. On Friday, his grandmother Laura and friend Emma Drake both said he was coming to town to give cousin Jake his birthday present in person. Spencer's dad Nicholas, however, will not be joining him. The character was supposedly killed by Valentin months ago, and Tyler Christopher confirmed in March that he will not be reprising his role as the Cassadine Prince. If "GH" brings back Nicholas from the dead it will have to be a recast.

Valentin and Nicholas Cassadine

Rumors abound that Valentin did not really murder his nephew Nicholas. Some viewers and spoiler alerts believe the two staged the shooting, and that Nicholas is in hiding. No body was ever recovered so that alone leaves a door open for Spencer and his dad to be reunited -- It just will not be Tyler Christopher. When the Cassadine prince met his supposed untimely fate he was not in good standing with some of the Port Charles residents.

Nicholas had strong-armed the Quartermaine's and had the majority of shares in their family business, ELQ. The Prince also hired a hitman to kill his wife Hayden Barnes. She was shot but Hayden recovered and was blackmailing her husband.

Shawn Butler was arrested for shooting Hayden and now is in jail for a crime he did not commit. Nichola and Elizabeth were hiding the fact that they knew for months that John Doe -- a.k.a Jake -- was really Jason Morgan.

Valentin showed up after Nicholas had already faked his death once. He shot his nephew in front of Ava Jerome while the rest of his family was downstairs.

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Valentin said he was a rightful Cassadine heir who did not grow up enjoying the privileges of his family members. He claimed he removed the competition and now he was going to be the Lord of Spoon Island and all things Cassadine. There are some loose ends to the story, and bringing the Prince back to life might tie some of them up nice and neat.

The future of the Cassadine family

When Spencer returns he can always live with his Grandma Laura. It will not be the same, however, as his running through the castle and making demands because he is a young prince. Valentin's motives are not really clear. Should Nicholas return only one of them could reside on Spoon Island and be Lord of the Cassadine family. Powers that be at ABC are not saying one way or the other if they will recast the role of Nicholas, and spoiler alerts have no information except that young Spencer is about to reappear. Perhaps once he does some other things will begin to fall into place on "General Hospital."