"General Hospital" fans have been certain all along that Nicholas Cassadine was still alive. After all, there was never a body to identify when Valentin shot him. Nicholas had faked his death before so it was logical that he could do it again. If Celeb Dirty Laundry is correct, this will be a bombshell that will rock Port Charles.

Prince Nicholas is hiding

According to spoiler alerts, it was impossible for young Spencer Cassadine to pull off his latest caper alone. Spencer left boarding school in Paris, flew to the United States and used UBER to get to his grandmother's house in Port Charles.

The reason it took so long is that "General Hospital" executives have been looking for the right recast to replace Tyler Christopher as Nicholas.

The Cassadine heir may be hiding out in the catacombs od Spoon Island. This does not address how Valentin, Nina, and Charlotte never ran across him. He would have to come out to bath and obtain food and clothing. This means that just like his son Nicholas could not have pulled this off entirely alone. Perhaps he was out of the country and sent Spencer back just ahead of himself. And who helped Spencer's father with his gunshot wound? If spoiler alerts are accurate this time Prince Nicholas has a lot of explaining to do.

What is Spencer's role in all of this?

The last time Nicholas faked his death he kept in contact with his son by giving Spencer a second cell phone. This time around there has been no indication that the little prince has been in touch with his dad. The only indication is that someone had to assist with Spencer leaving Europe and returning to the United States.

If Spencer knew all along as spoilers suggest, he did a good job of hiding it.

This time around, the young boy lamented the fact that he had to give up his home and inheritance. He appeared to be truly troubled that his uncle Valentin took everything that should have been his. Then, out of the blue, Spencer ditched Laura and Kevin at a restaurant and went to find Nina, Valentin's wife at Crimson.

How is this child getting around Port Charles so well on his own?

Spencer argues with Nina nd tells her she has the power to return his inheritance now that Valentin is in jail. Did Spencer come up with that on his own or is his father behind the scenes pulling the strings? If Nicholas is alive, it is only a matter of time before he reclaims Windemere for his son. There are also other issues that need to be addressed. Shawn Butler is in jail for a crime he did not commit.

Nicholas is the one who hired someone to shoot Hayden, but Shawn was prosecuted for the crime. There is also the issue of his unsuccessful takeover of ELQ. Now that Tracy Quartermaine has left town and Michael is in charge will all be forgiven? "General Hospital" fans will be waiting patiently to find if Spencer's return is the forerunner that leads to Nicholas coming back to town.