The new season of Game of Thrones has finally kicked off. The new episode made its premiere on HBO on July 16 and it revealed that winter indeed came as new events unfold.

HBO already dropped various teaser clips for “Game of Thrones” Season 7 and even released the titles and descriptions of the first three episodes. However, nothing could prepare fans for what takes place in the first episode.

‘Game of Thrones’ main players gain new allies

The new “Game of Thrones” episode aptly started with scenes from previous seasons to refresh viewers of what has happened so far.

The hour-long episode revealed so many events unfolding that involved various characters. First, the episode featured the dreaded White Walkers and revealed that Bran Stark and Meera Reed have finally reached Castle Black to seek refuge from the undead army.

Also in the North, Lord Baelish is trying to convince Sansa Stark with another one of his clever plans but Sansa’s too smart now to get entangled with someone as devious as him. Meanwhile, in the Riverlands, the new episode revisited the House of Frey and revealed an emotional scene of how Arya Stark finally avenges her family, killing every last important Frey by poisoning them. The young Stark then heads off to King’s Landing to kill Cersei Lannister.

The biggest highlights of “Game of Thrones” season 7 episode 1 are the reveal of new allies. Jon Snow has finally gained the trust of the houses in the North and even got them to fight for him against the White Walkers. Cersei is as driven as ever and she invites Euron Greyjoy from the Iron Islands to become one of her allies despite Jaime Lannister’s qualms.

Cersei is only interested in the Greyjoys' formidable Iron Fleet and Euron wants her hand in marriage.

Daenerys goes home and reclaims the Dragonstone

HBO revealed before that the first episode is titled Dragonstone and teased that Jon will be organizing the defense of the North, Cersei will be evening the odds, and Daenerys will be coming home.

The title of the episode was speculated to be related to be Daenerys’ homecoming but turned out that there was more to it because it was revealed that the Dragonstone plays a huge role in the upcoming war against the White Walkers.

Back in Winterfell, Jon Snow has instructed his men and allies to search for dragon glass because it was the only thing that could kill White Walkers. However, Samwell Tarly finds out that the highly sought after dragon glass is actually found in Dragonstone.

Meanwhile, the show has yet to reveal what Daenerys is planning to do after finally reclaiming the ancestral seat of House Targaryen in Blackwater Bay. The episode ended with a cliffhanger as Daenerys stood at the head of the table, instructing Tyrion and everyone with her to start with the planning.