Mama June Shannon fans can look forward to a new "From Not to Hot" spinoff coming from WEtv. Mama June has already met her weight loss goal, losing an incredible 300 pounds and achieving that highly desired revenge body she worked so hard for.

Should June's kids be televised with a weight loss show?

The new reality spinoff will feature June coming to the aid and support of her daughters "Honey Boo Boo" (Alana Thompson) and "Pumpkin" (Lauryn Shannon) as they embark on their own personal weight loss goals.

June Shannon dating reality series possibly in the works

According to OK!

the network has not yet announced news of the upcoming series. However, the magazine reports that a source close to the series revealed that filming is already underway. The OK! source also claimed that so far Alana and Lauryn are very excited about the show, and who could blame them after watching their mother's amazing transformation take place?

Not only are the girls happy about the potential outcome for their health, but the series is also all about them, and that means a huge payout. Some "From Not to Hot" fans expressed their concern over Alana and Lauryn's health last season. During the Shannon family's run on reality television, it has been no secret just how much the family enjoys their junk food.

The girls are going to have to get in shape the good old-fashioned way, meaning a strict diet and exercise program. There will be no weight loss surgeries for them. June stated that she does not want her girls to end up like she was, weighing 460 pounds. That being said, the time to get in shape is now.

It has also been suggested that June Shannon could also soon be getting her own dating reality series.

It looks as if June is going to continue flaunting her revenge body and life in ex Sugar Bear's face a while longer. June stunned fans throughout the season of "From Not to Hot" dropping more than 300 pounds and stepping out on the season finale wearing a size four dress. Shannon's weight loss was not without criticism, though, as many viewers were skeptical about June losing as much weight as she claimed.

But, whatever her weight loss number is, she looks fantastic. Keeping the weight off could prove to be a full-time job -- especially when you have the kind of addiction to junk food that June Shannon has had to conquer. Now, what about June's own dating show? Is that something you believe you would watch?

Do you believe June can help Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin get on the right track?