Is Mama June filming season 2 of her new Reality TV show "From Not to Hot"? June Shannon wowed viewers last season with her reported 300-lb weight loss and plastic surgery makeover. Now WEtv producers are hinting that the reality television celebrity and her famous daughter Honey Boo Boo (Alana Thompson) may be back to show off an even hotter mama. But fans are wondering: will season 2 address the 11-year-old's growing obesity?

Mama June brags up ongoing weight loss

Since June Shannon unveiled the big "From Not to Hot" makeover, folks have marveled at her new figure.

The reality TV diva has been cagey about giving actual numbers, and her timeline is a little dubious. Honey Boo Boo's mom claimed to have lost weight a few years ago with just diet and exercise. Then it was revealed that she underwent bariatric surgery and got a gastric sleeve. Producers of the reality television show bandy about a 300-lb weight loss from a 460-lb starting weight. Shannon claims to wear a size 4 now.

Mama June shares plastic surgery, weight loss struggles

After gastric bypass surgery, June got down to 200-some pounds. The former TLC star hoped to get skin removal plastic surgery. Patients on "My 600-lb Life" strive to get this full-body tuck to trim away loose skin after shedding weight.

Shannon wasn't truthful about her weight, however, and doctors found she was still too heavy to have a tummy tuck and a companion breast implant procedure. Ultimately "From Not to Hot" showed Shannon getting skin removal surgery but weight loss is still a battle. And Honey Boo Boo hasn't even tried to fight obesity.

Mama June shows odd weight loss patterns

Nobody disagrees that Mama June has lost weight. It's the numbers they can't swallow. With a size DD boob job, Shannon couldn't fit a size 4. Even after diet and extensive plastic surgery, (costing $75,000 to $100,000) June shows signs of obesity. Her arms, hands, face, thighs, and calves are still pudgy.

It's hard to credit that she weighs 138 pounds as for last reported. "From Not to Hot" may answer some questions but one big issue it's never explained is June's attitude toward Honey Boo Boo.

Mama June wins weight loss, fails Honey Boo Boo

June says she'll keep eating junk food and in an at-home interview proved it. The teen mom ditched the diet set up by trainer Kenya Crooks. Mama June was scarfing up large plates of high-calorie food including a cake from her ex Sugar Bear's wedding. Honey Boo Boo makes no pretense of dieting, egged on by her new stepmom Jennifer Lamb. The majority Youtube commenters were underwhelmed by June's makeover simply because of the hypocrisy. Folks felt that a mother who cares only about her looks while ignoring her daughters' health hasn't made any lasting changes.