Chester Bennington’s family, in particular, his wife Talinda Bennington, is still grieving his passing. Talinda admitted that she is struggling to move forward without her spouse.

Talinda is shattered after husband's death

The world was shocked when the Linkin Park singer committed suicide. Many were not expecting that Chester would end his life considering that he has a family, a wife and six children. It’s been over a week since the band vocalist passed away, but Talinda is still grieving and she is struggling to keep up with life.

In a statement Talinda released to Us Weekly, she let go of her grief and pain.

With his death of Chester Bennington, she lost her soulmate and their children lost their hero. According to her, their love story was a fairy tale. Unfortunately, it ended in a tragedy. Now, she’s asking herself, how to cope with the loss and pick up her shattered soul as she is left to raise their kids alone.

Talinda was heartbroken that their kids would grow up without their dad. She promised to shower their children with love. She also recognized the support the family received from the community and fans. She added that she's aware that his fans will keep Chester Bennington's memory alive while adding that her late husband was a "bright, loving soul with an angel's voice." She went further by saying that the Linkin Park vocalist is now pain-free and will be singing his songs in his family and fans' hearts.

Talinda is calling everyone to learn to turn to each other when in pain. It was reported that Chester was going through depression, which may have pushed him to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, Chester's death was too much for his followers. According to reports, two Linkin Park fans committed suicide following his death. Kriz and Melissa Mintz were not able to cope with the loss that they also took their own lives.

Chester Bennington committed suicide

On Thursday, July 20, Chester committed suicide by hanging in his residence in Palos Verdes Estates in L.A. County. His body was discovered before 9 a.m. The Linkin Park vocalist already said in previous interviews that he had planned to commit suicide. He admitted that he was abused by an older man when he was a kid and the said incident led him to consider suicide.

The singer struggled with drug and alcohol issues. He also had a history of depression. The police officers already closed the case about his death and confirmed that the reason was suicide by hanging despite the claims that it was murder.

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