This past Thursday, the 30-year-old Canadian rapper's house was burglarized again. The first time was this past April. Also, in the first burglary, Drake was actually at his Los Angeles Hidden Hills mansion, while a big party was going on. Some people that attended the party were part of the robbery. It was not reported at that time who the robbers were. This time the robber was a 24-year-old woman, who happens to be obsessed with being around Drake's mansion

Some of the people that attended the party was a part of the robbing. It was not reported who the robbers from the first time were in April.

This time the robber is a 24-year-old woman, who happens to be obsessed with being around Drake's mansion.Hopefully, Drake has enough security installed around his mansion, so no other robberies will occur.

Fans obsessed with Drake

The industry is familiar with how much Drake's music gives an emotional and soft feeling. He raps in a monotone voice, which makes his voice soft. His voice is similar to a lullaby sung to a baby at night. Some of his fans are incredibly obsessed with the 3-time Grammy winner. Luckily, this time Drake was not home and not did witness the robbery. Maybe the Candian rapper could have calmed her down. He is not the only celebrity that has crazy fans that stalk his home.

Some celebrities have fans or just crazy people come and trespass their homes. Do these rich celebrities deserved to be robbed? Of course not. At the end of the day, these celebrities are people just like the rest of us, the big difference is that they have increasingly more money.

How did this all end?

The 24-year-old woman was asked to leave the premises of Drake's mansion, but she immediately refused.

The Los Angeles, California police were called and attempted to arrest her. Before, she has been seen in this house drinking Sprite, but yesterday morning she came back. This past Thursday morning, she was pepper sprayed and arrested for also assaulting a police officer.

Why would one person buy a big mansion?

Buying a very big mansion is great for occasionally throwing parties with friends and family.

Should Drake be a little nervous to be in his mansion by himself? It starts with someone celebrities hearing the wind blowing and thinking it might be a robber or a killer. It is not said who else lives with Drake in his Hidden Hills mansion. Should Drake downsize to a regular house? His mansion is gated off and sits separately.