Dick Donato, aka Evel Dick, was the winner of his season in the "Big Brother" house. To top it off, his daughter Danielle was the runner-up, so the Donato family won major bragging rights. The two walked away with $550,000 for their summer in the "Big Brother" pressure cooker.

Evel Dick lives on Twitter!

Each season Evel Dick is very active on Twitter, sharing his thoughts on various houseguests. Though there has been some backlash in the past for some of his statements, so far this year there have been no real issues. He has been against Paul Abrahamian being in the "Big Brother 19" house from the beginning.

Right down to the temptation of $25,000 that was accepted by Kevin that allowed Paul into the game. Dick had pointed out that this was the largest amount ever offered in a temptation, and they did that to ensure Paul would come through the door.

Team Paul vs. Team Cody

The ongoing battle between Cody and Paul has been closely followed by Evel Dick and he is sharing this opinion. He feels that having Paul in the house this summer has ruined the season. Just being a vet that entered the way he did was enough to get Evel Dick's attention. It is Paul's actions since entering that have kept Evel Dick with an eye on him.

The way Paul is handling things with his nemesis Cody also has Donato speaking out.

During an altercation last night after the nomination ceremony, Paul told Cody to leave the HOH. As Cody was descending the stairs, Paul continued to yell at him. Evel Dick was not impressed. To tell a man to leave, then continue to take verbal pot shots was unacceptable behavior for the previous winner. He did say that if Paul had treated Cody with such little respect outside of the "Big Brother 19" house, Cody would have pounded him.

Various followers were tweeting back to Donato to express their thoughts on Paul's behavior. They spoke of him having danced around in a blue tutu as he called a man who had fought for our country a very vulgar name. Paul did the same thing to Meech in "Big Brother 18" when he called her a despicable name. Going to this level should not be allowed as part of a game, but in reality, that rule should be true without having to say it to adults.

As for Jessica and Cody's gameplay, Evel Dick and his followers are in agreement that they are lacking. The two just aren't making the strategic moves they need at key times. Take Jessica's HOH for example. She could have backdoored Paul, which would have been her best "Big Brother" move, but instead, she targeted Josh, who was not an imminent threat.