"Big Brother 19" fans know what a reset week is and it looks like this is it. With Jessica Graf holding the Halting Hex, her and her showmance partner, Cody Nickson, are on the block. With her holding that power, viewers would expect Jody to feel safe and not stir the pot this week. Instead, there have been several surprises for live feed viewers.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you want to be surprised by what may make the editorial cut for the show, stop reading now.

As previously reported, there was a crazy, out of control blow up in the house over the nominations.

Paul and Cody walked away from each other, both declaring they are done with the other. Cody then decided that Jessica was better off without him, and said all the things he should say to a woman he was pushing away.

Still, she is by his side. It seems that Jessica has made the decision that she is loyal to Cody no matter what comes or what it does to her chances of winning the $500,000 grand prize.

Put the coffee on and hold a study group

Every season in the Big Brother house there is a night or two of no sleep. Usually, it comes before a big competition so that the participants are sleep deprived. This year "Big Brother 19" is no exception. According to Joker's Updates, the "Big Brother 19" Weather made announcements all night long for the houseguests to memorize.

They will need the information in the Power Of Veto competition that will be held later today. The players are Paul as HOH, Jessica, Cody, and Jason as the three nominees, and Kevin and Raven by random draw.

Sleep like a baby with the Halting Hex

As everyone gathered to study, Jody was obviously absent. The two chose to skip the studying and go to bed.

When Elena went to check on them, Jessica told her that there was no need to study, because no one would be leaving the "Big Brother 19" house this week. She is holding the Halting Hex and plans to halt the live eviction this week, saving herself, Cody, and Jason from enduring a vote. If the POV is won and one of them is pulled down, she will still use it to save the one remaining on the block.

Either way, this week will basically be a reset week for the "Big Brother 19" houseguests.

Going into next week, Paul will not be able to compete for the Head of Household. Team Cody will remain the target of Team Paul, and Jessica will have put a target squarely on her own back with the decision to stand by Cody.

What do you think of Jessica choosing Cody over making the most of her Big Brother opportunity? Do you think Cody and Jessica will remain the targets of Team Paul? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.