"Big Brother 19" fans know that week after week the power shifts and a new HOH implements a plan for the week. This week, that Head Of Household was Jessica. With Cody coming back into the house after winning the Battle Back, Jessica's win didn't get the support of the house. So far Jessica and Cody haven't figured that out, however.

The following will contain "Big Brother 19" spoilers. If you don't want to know what may make the editorial cut for the show, stop reading now.

Big Brother fans are used to the power switching hands and often flopping between the two sides of the house.

The "us against them" mentality is just a part of the game. Allies form, work together as long as all of the members are benefiting, and break up when some of the members' strategies change.

It's always been Team Cody vs. Team Paul

It was obvious that the strong players were Cody and Paul. As a result, Jessica and Cody had the beginnings of an alliance when the game began. Cody quickly put an end to any loyalty the other houseguests had toward him when he went rogue and seemed to be playing a solo game and still expecting them to follow blindly.

Jessica is holding the Halting Hex, Head of Household and Power of Veto. This is the most power anyone has held all season. Cody is the only one that knows about the Halting Hex and she did not use the POV, leaving the nominations the same.

At the nomination ceremony, she made it clear that Josh is her target and Ramses is the pawn. Joker's Updates reported many conversations between her and Cody regarding using the POV and possibly backdooring someone. Everyone in the house believes her plan is solid and have never wavered.

HOH's wishes not being followed this week

The votes on Thursday will shock Jessica and Cody. They are expecting Josh to be evicted with a majority vote. They have been reassured by Team Paul, and though they suspect something is up, have no way to confirm it. Josh has been playing the role well. He is acting depressed and isolating himself from the other Big Brother houseguests.

He is not campaigning but rather acting as if his spirit is broken and that he has accepted his fate.

The shock on Thursday will send a clear message to Jessica, Cody, and the only allies they really do have in the game. They are outnumbered and on the losing end of a head-on battle of the two sides. Team Cody isn't a safe place to be in the Big Brother 19 house.

The next HOH will be crucial for Jessica and Cody. Jessica can't compete and Cody has to win it or they will likely be nominated for eviction. The Big Brother house has no idea that she has one week left to use the Halting Hex. If Cody does not win the penthouse suite, they will need it before it expires.