Everyone who watches "90 Day Fiance" has seen the trouble between Anfisa and Jorge. They have seemed like they wouldn't make it more than once, but now Anfisa has fans wondering what is going on with them. There have been some accusations that she only married him for a green card, but he also lied to her about how much money he has and Jorge actually has some debt. She posted on Instagram, and this very cryptic post confused everyone.

What did Anfisa post?

Anfisa posted a picture where she is wearing a cute long flowered dress. In this picture, she doesn't look like she has a baby bump or anything, but Anfisa has no caption on the picture at all besides a baby emoji.

This has the fans going wild if this means that they have a baby on the way. The fact that she didn't post any words at all really has them wanting to know what this means. It must mean something, but it might not be a pregnancy and it could mean something else with her.

Just five days before that, she posted a picture showing herself at the gym, and she had been working out. Anfisa looked great, and there was obviously no baby bump in that photo. If she is pregnant, then she could just be barely pregnant and not very far along at all. With Anfisa, it seems like she is probably just teasing the fans, but you never know.

So far, Anfisa isn't saying a word to the fans that are asking in the comments, and she hasn't made a new post since then.

The fans really want to know what is going on and so they are hoping that she will post another update soon.

How are Jorge and Anfisa now?

It has actually looked a few times like they were going to split, but it appears that these two are still together. She is constantly posting pictures of them together, and there is no reason to think that they have split.

For some odd reason, Anfisa and Jorge just work even though they haven't always had an easy road together.

On the new show "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After," everyone can see how they are doing. They are still fighting, but they are also getting along at moments. This couple is one that somehow still works during all of the drama.

Do you think that Anfisa and Jorge could be expecting a baby? Do you think this is a bad idea for this couple? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After" on Sundays on TLC. It would probably surprise a lot of people if they were the first ones to have a baby together from this season of the show.