Ed Sheeran has finally appeared in his cameo role in the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 premiere episode. It has been believed that the popular singer is slated to have a mysterious musician character on this season. After a couple of months of speculations, the 26-year old singer has finally made it during the Sunday night episode and everyone was in awe of his short exposure.

During the episode premiere, Sheeran has appeared for about 39 minutes on the scene. His character was still unnamed; however, he can be distinctively recognized for his angelic voice which has also caught the attention of the young Arya Stark during that scene in the forest.

A pretty song

During the episode premiere, Sheeran has shared a couple of lines which has captured the interest of Arya Stark. Arya Shark shared that Sheeran's line on the episode premiere appeared to be like a pretty song. Meanwhile, Sheeran also revealed that what he did was a new one.

A report from Entertainment Tonight has further stated that Sheeran has already shared some details about his role a few months ago when he attended the Songwriters Hall of Fame in the 48th Annual Induction. He further added that what he will have is only a short and quick role but it will be memorable.

Behind the scenes

In one of his interviews, the 26-year old singer has also shared behind the scenes footage that he did while filming for the "Game of Thrones" season 7 premiere.

He also believed that his cameo role has been built up too much; nonetheless, he felt that it would be something exciting.

Meanwhile, he also shared about his scenes together with Williams. For about 10 hours of filming, Sheeran has revealed that he failed to put on his thermal socks during those times. He recalled, that he felt really cold while filming their scenes on winter.

David Benioff, the series showrunner, was also thankful that they had finally brought Sheeran into the series. It has always been the aim of the production to bring him to the show in order to give a little surprise to Maisie.

Hence, it will be expected that the singer will have some couple of scenes with the actress.

Another exciting revelation from Benioff revealed that Sheeran's cameo role is a kind of gift to Williams. It has been believed that he has been a huge fan of the British singer and has always wanted to make a scene with him in the series. Amid the news, the entire production, as well as the viewers, were finally happy after learning that he is already part of the series.