Taylor Swift won't be happy to hear about this. The pop star is good friends with singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. The "Don't" musician recently opened up about his surprising friendship with both Katy Perry and Harry Styles. In case you forgot, the singer has bad blood with both of those people. Swift literally has bad blood with Perry herself since her hit song is rumored to be about the dark-haired beauty. On the other hand, it looks like she doesn't seem to mind if her friends are friends with her enemies or her famous ex-boyfriends.

Ed Sheeran talks about 'Bad Blood' subject

Taylor Swift's best friend Ed Sheeran sat down for an interview with Katy Perry. This very interview turned Swift's fans upside since they know about the dueling pop stars. According to the video below, Perry was doing an interview with BBC Radio 1 in England when she noticed Sheeran outside the studio and offered him a chance to do an interview. The pair hugged before talking about their Grammy losses, being hungover while traveling, and reminiscing about meeting for the first time in Toronto a few years ago. Check out the rest of Perry's interview with Ed Sheeran in the video below.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift used to be friends, but that all changed in 2014 when Swift told Rolling Stone magazine that "Bad Blood" was about a fellow pop star who sabotaged her world tour.

Fans quickly did the math and found out that Perry and Swift were touring around the same time back in 2012. Then Perry came out with that cryptic "Mean Girls" tweet and the rest is pop culture history.

Ed Sheeran heard 1D singer's debut album

The Brit Awards happened last weekend and Taylor Swift was not in attendance. However, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran were both performing that night.

Sheeran was also backstage with Heat Magazine before the show. He revealed that he already listened to Harry Styles' debut solo album and that he enjoyed it. Fans previously assumed that Harry would join Ed on stage during his performance at the Brit Awards, but alas, that did not happen.

That must be awkward for Taylor Swift.

She briefly dated the former One Direction singer back in 2012. She even wrote most of her 2014 album, "1989" about their relationship. Some notable songs from her album include, "Style," "Out of the Woods," and "Stay." It's not clear why the two broke up, but some assume it happened after their Utah ski trip.