Two months after Chris Cornell’s mysterious death in a Detroit hotel room, official details have emerged regarding the circumstances that led to the tragedy and they confirm that the singer had a ligature mark on his throat.

A couple of months ago, Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell was found dead in his Detroit hotel room, just after an event. Many were in shock as they just couldn't believe that the singer committed suicide. The Detroit Police now have released investigative reports about the singer’s death. The report shed light on several factors and it also revealed that the singer had a ligature mark on his throat.

Events before Chris Cornell’s death revealed

In May, the news of Chris Cornell’s mysterious death in a hotel room shocked fans across the world. Notably, it was just after a concert that he had retired to his room, but was found dead a few hours later. After a thorough investigation, the Detroit Police have released the investigative reports related to his death. The investigative report, which the media got access to, revealed the events that transpired before Cornell was found dead in the bathroom of his hotel room.

Wife sensed something was wrong

The investigative report stated that Chris Cornell’s wife Vicky Cornell sensed something was wrong about the singer, while the duo was conversing over the phone.

His wife immediately called up Martin Kirsten, the singer's bodyguard, to check on him. His wife asked Kirsten to go to the singer's MGM Grand Casino suite. When Kirsten could not get the locked door open, he broke it open and later had to break the bedroom door as well. In his account, he told the police that when he went inside he saw that the bathroom door was ajar.

He also said he saw Chris Cornell was lying down unconscious with a band around his neck.

Kirsten tried to loosen the band, one end of which was tied to a clip on the bathroom door. He also gave the singer chest presses to resuscitate him but to no avail. After the medical examination, the singer was declared dead and the police concluded that he had committed suicide.

However, Chris Cornell’s wife later said in interviews that the singer did have any intention to die. It is worth mentioning here that the autopsy report of Chris Cornell had found traces of anti-anxiety drugs in his stomach. Investigators, however, have ruled out the possibility that the singer died because of a drug overdose.