It is not new that the globally-recognized artist will make a cameo in the seventh season of "Game of Thrones." However, he recently revealed several details about his five-minute appearance in the widely popular fantasy series.

Sheeran's role

In his interview with Hits Radio, the chart-topper revealed that he is going to share the screen with his real-life fan Masie Williams who portrays Arya Stark. Also, the red-haired singer disclosed that he would be singing in the series when it returns airing in July 2017. He was quoted saying that he will sing a song and then Massie (Arya) will tell him that the song was beautiful.

Although the "Galway Girl" singer's role in the seventh season was just a meager five minutes, fans find it significant. Apparently, because songs are often connected to the main events in the series. it is worth noting that The Bear and The Maiden Fair was played when Brienne and Jamie Lannister made a bond after they were captured.

While Ed Sheeran spilled out his role, he was tight-lipped when asked about the lyrics of the song or any other details about the song. He left it for fans to guess and cloaked it with mystery. Aside from the "Thinking Out Loud" composer, several singers have also appeared in the fantasy series. This includes Snow Patrol's Gary Lightbody, Sigur Rós, and Will Champion.

The multi-instrumentalist Coldplay band member appeared before the popular Red Wedding.

He prefers to have sex than die in the series

The "Lego House" singer admitted that he did not die in his cameo on the show. In his interview with the Daily Mail, the singer admitted that he knows the role he is portraying is not going to die.

He also disclosed that he prefer to have sex in one of the fantasy series' steamy scenes than having a grim death.

The flame-headed singer also appreciates his role, and although it was very brief, he was glad his character survives. Sheeran never wanted to participate in the shows branded bloody encounters. He was also quoted saying that he would rather have sex than die in the series.

He added that while most people are having sex and then getting killed, he noted that he was not into that.

The award-winning singer also confessed that he was inspired by his friend, Gary Lightbody the lead vocalist of Snow Patrol who also appeared in "Game of Thrones" in 2012. Sheeran and Williams filmed the scenes in November 2016 and it was only last month that his cameo was confirmed to the public.