Things are not looking good for "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. In fact, things look to be at their worst, according to Radar Online.

During a sneak peek clip of the upcoming "Teen Mom OG" Season Finale Amber flew into a violent rage lunging angrily at Matt Baier after finding out that he had been texting another woman behind her back. Portwood claims that she told Baier she would leave him if he ever cheated on her. In fact, when Amber got the news she had to be restrained by the camera crew.

Amber's violent temper comes into question once again

When the trailer cuts back to Portwood she is being held back and screaming at Matt that he is a "f***ing b***h! She reveals that she is not buying that there are a "fake text" messages. She also tells Matt that they need a break, she needs time to think things through.

As previously reported last month Amber broke off her engagement with Matt after he failed a lie detector test about cheating. The pair are still living in the same home at this time. However, Amber recently posted on Instagram that they are "not together." Amber made it clear on last week's special "Unseen Moments" that she believes Matt is a "pathological liar."

She also stated that he needs to get help if he wants their relationship to work.

Things are pretty rocky between them, but they are together in Los Angeles filming the upcoming season of "Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars." Some of Portwood's fans have expressed their concern on social media that Amber could end up back in some major legal trouble if she doesn't get her violent temper under control.

Amber's past

The 27-year-old mom already has a violent past. In 2010 she was charged with domestic violence after the MTV camera recorded her slapping and attacking her ex, Gary Shirley. Fans may recall when Portwood went after Farrah Abraham last year, slapping her after Farrah stated that Baire resembled a pedophile.

It is also believed by some social media users that Amber has assaulted Baier before.

These rumors surfaced after photos appeared of Matt with what appeared to be a bruised up face.

Sadly, Amber has first-hand experience with prison life. It would be a real shame if she ended up back behind bars. Hopefully, those closest to Amber can convince her to get some anger management counseling before things get more out of hand than they already are.

The new season of "Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars" is definitely going to an interesting season for "Teen Mom" fans who are looking forward to seeing Portwood and Baier delve even deeper into their relationship issues.

It is going to a wild season, make sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand to watch how all this drama unfolds between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier.

Do you believe they will work things out, or are they too far past that point already?