"Teen Mom OG" star Matt Baier is in some seriously hot water when it comes to his relationship with Amber Portwood. The Reality TV mom has already called off the couple's engagement and kicked Matt to the curb, but now the other woman has come forward to tell her side of the story. Matt's alleged mistress, Tiffany Bassett, is speaking out about her affair with Matt.

According to In Touch Weekly Magazine, Tiffany Bassett is a tattoo artist and a mother of three. Tiffany specializes in paramedical tattooing, which can cover up scars or adjust the pigmentation on the skin.

She has decided to dedicate her work to paramedical tattooing because she's a cancer survivor, and the cause is close to her heart. Tiffany claims to have met Matt Baier when he contacted her and promised to give her money to help her open up her own tattoo shop.

Tiffany Bassett tells her side of the story

Bassett claims that Matt got in touch with her and seemed interested in investing in her new shop, and she told him her story in the process. Tiffany says she was "excited" to possibly land a "celebrity client" and a new business venture all in one. The mom of three says that her motive is "always" business and providing for her kids, so the thought of having her own business was perfect for her.

However, Tiffany said she now "regrets" ever meeting the "Teen Mom OG" star, and is ready to expose the truth about Matt Baier, despite how Amber Portwood feels about it.

Tiffany Bassett says she is sorry that she ever met Matt Baier, and that she thinks it is important for her to "expose the truth." The tattoo artist says she's sorry that Amber Portwood is going to be hurt by her words, but she wanted to speak the truth.

Tiffany says she's "sorry" for her actions, and for her part in all the recent drama. Tiffany also claims that she tried to get the truth out in the open in private and says she told family members, friends, and production before going public with her story. Tiffany was so close to Matt that she was featured on the "Being Matt" MTV special.

Amber Portwood has a lot to think about

Tiffany's story comes out as "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood has dumped Matt Baier and called off the wedding. However, Amber and Matt have recently backed their bags and headed to the reality TV show "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars," where they are said to be working on the issues they're facing and then will decide if they still want to be together. Tiffany's words may be taken into consideration as Portwood makes a decision on the future of her relationship with Baier.