The mid-season premiere of Tyler Perry's "The Haves and the Have Nots" was a shocker in many ways. Hannah and her family dealt with mayhem and death while Mama Rose and the Malone family came back on the scene with a vengeance. They are on the warpath and somebody is going to pay dearly.

Hannah's worst nightmare comes to pass

Hannah went out of her way last season to get custody of her grandson "Little Q." She felt she could offer the child a stable home. One that is much better than either parent could give him. Unfortunately soon after Hannah's life became one of mayhem.

Her house burned down and her son, Benny's home went back to the bank. The family moved to a motel. In the last season, finale War showed in the hotel room up looking for Candace.

A shootout ensued and Hannah ran into the bathroom with her grandson. Benny runs for over and Mitch just misses being shot as bullets go through the bathroom door. After the hit men, leave Hannah emerges from the bathroom covered in blood. She is carrying her grandson in her arms, and he too is bloody. She tells Benny that little Q is dead. At the hospital, Hanna seems numb while Benny holds it together until Mitch shows up. He begins crying on his friend's shoulder when the Malone family make an entrance.

The Malones mean business

Mama Rose is accompanied by a number of her male family members. She asks Mitch who shot him but he will not tell her. A sobbing Benny gives the mob family War's name and where he may be found. When Mitch tries to downplay the situation Mama Rose says "No one takes a shot at a Malone." You can see the fire in her eyes and you know she is on the warpath.

The Malone family marches out of the hospital and you just know that when they are finished with War there will be nothing left behind. And no one will be able to find where the body is buried. Tyler Perry is off and running with this 2017 midseason premiere. It looks like fans of "The Haves and the Have Nots" will be on the edge of their seats until the season finale.

There are so many plot twists and turns that if you blink you will miss a lot of the action.

It is obvious that the Malone family means business. War dared take a shot at one of their own and has more or less sealed his fate. When they find out that everything that has taken place is a direct result of Candace she may have to watch her back. Last season Mitch admitted that he always cared about Candace and he was visibly upset when he saw War force himself on her at the tow yard. Mitch set War up to be arrested for drug possession. When War found out he swore revenge. Now Hannah's grandson is dead and Mama Rose and her gang are on the loose.