Amber Portwood has reportedly come clean on the real details concerning her on-again-off-again relationship with Matt Baier calling him a controlling Pathological Liar. RO reports that during the MTV reality series "Unseen Moments" special the "Teen Mom OG" star admitted that she had dumped Matt Baier revealing all the odd details.

Amber Portwood was not Matt Baier's first 'Teen Mom' choice

"Teen Mom OG" fans are well aware that Amber and Matt's relationship has always been a bit off, even when they appeared to be getting along very well. The never-before-seen clip shows Matt holding Amber's driver's license, and that for two years he kept her ID in his wallet.

Amber claims Matt needs help

Portwood claims that Matt took control over paying the household bills and over the past few months she decided that she needed to take more control over the things in her life. Amber outed Baier on the show stating, “He needs help. If he wants this relationship to work, he needs to change his lying.”

This is not the first time Amber has mentioned Baier's habitual lying problem. From the very beginning of their relationship, he has been dishonest about very important details of his life. Matt, 46, initially told Amber that he had two children from a previous relationship. However, RO claims that Baier is the father of nine children with seven different women.

Five of the alleged baby mamas unsuccessfully attempted to sue Matt for the past due child supports payments.

The story grows even more bizarre from here. It is claimed that Matt was looking to get into a relationship with one of the "Teen Mom" stars approaching Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans without luck before seeking out Amber.

Portwood's ex-fiance is a former drug addict, but according to People magazine, he admits to suffering a relapse last December revealing that at that time he had been taking a lot of pills.

However, he has claimed to be clean since. This is reportedly another untruth Baier had been telling Amber. This was outed on a recent episode of "Teen Mom OG" after Amber found out that he had given castmate Catelynn Lowell Xanax. Needless to say, Portwood went off big time, ending her relationship last month after he failed a lie detector test about cheating on the 27-year-old reality star.

“I go to a therapist, and it helps me vent and be calm and cope with everything going on in my life,” she said. Amber claims she feels that if not for the therapy, she believes she would be dead.

By the end of Amber's rant, she ended up admitting that she would be willing to "move forward" with their relationship if Matt changes everything. Amber has complained for years now about the toxic relationship with Matt, and it seems every other week she is finding out something new that he has been dishonest about with her.

It is evident that Amber and Matt have some very deep and disturbing issues between them. Fans are wondering why Portwood keeps clinging to this dysfunctional relationship after all the lies when is she going to realize this is going to be a lot of work.

Will she ever be able to really trust him after all the lies he has told her?

Fans who love reality television drama will not be disappointed and can look forward to all the ups and downs between Matt and Amber to actually explode. The couple will be airing all the nitty gritty, dirty details of their relationship in yet another reality series. The "couple" is currently in LA filming the new season of "Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars."

Do you believe Amber Portwood and Matt Baier's relationship will ever work out, or are they just playing it out to up the ratings of their reality shows?