Joy-Anna Duggar is now married to Austin Forsyth, but the episodes of "Counting On" that viewers are watching are from before their wedding. The Hollywood Gossip shared that in a preview for tonight's episode you will see Joy-Anna and Austin actually break a courting rule. They are seen working on a house of his that he will be flipping together. Austin flipped several houses before they got married and was able to show that he can financially take care of her.

What did Joy-Anna and Austin do?

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth were spotted working on his house, and they were cutting something with a saw.

Austin actually had his hand on her hand while helping her do it. You aren't supposed to hold hands until you are at least engaged. When you are courting, all that they allow is a side hug. Maybe they were already engaged when this happened, but the fans haven't seen the proposal on "Counting On" just yet even though they would love to see it. Hopefully, they had a chaperone there with them.

Was she wearing pants?

Another thing noticed in this preview by fans was that in a screenshot it looked like Joy-Anna was wearing pants. The thing is she wasn't at all, though. Instead, she was wearing a jean skirt and if she stood a certain way it would look like pants. Joy wears jean skirts all the time, so this isn't surprising that she would have that one instead of a dress or something while working with Austin on the house.

Joy has made it sound like she won't be wearing pants after the wedding. Her sister Jinger started wearing pants when she got married to Jeremy Vuolo, but Joy-Anna said that Austin really likes dresses and she is trying to wear them more. It would be pretty surprising if anyone saw her in a pair of pants.

Joy-Anna and Austin seem to be following the courting rules other than this one thing, but they didn't follow one rule before they got married.

The couple actually saw each other on their wedding day and didn't wait until she was walking down the aisle. They wanted a chance to pray together and spend some time with each other before the wedding started so they did things their own way.

Are you surprised to see that Joy-Anna and Austin broke this courting rule? Do you think that the couple is just fine since he was helping her?

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