One of the great aspects of summer for the past two years has been the fact that the SyFy Channel has run that great Canadian space opera, “Killjoys.” This year promises to be no exception, as the show returns for its third season on June 30. The teaser trailer promises banter violence, intense heat, and unnecessary nudity as our heroes pursue the coolest job in the universe.

The coolest job in the universe

Killjoys” depicts the adventures of three outer space bounty hunters, including two hunky brothers named D’avin and Johnny and the bodacious and lethal Dutch who spend their time reclaiming people, mainly escaped criminals, and lost or stolen objects for various clients in a region of space called the Quad.

On the side, they fight, quip, and blow things up to Save The World from a shadowy conspiracy. Officially they are supposed to be neutral and not be beholden to any government or political faction, but when evil threatens everything they love, they have a tendency to take sides regardless.

The show is part of the revival of the space opera that the SyFy Channel has helped to foster. The revival started when the “Stargate” franchise moved from pay cable and expanded into three series and several made for television movies. The reboot of the 1970s classic “Battlestar Galactica” cast what was a light series into a darker atmosphere when the rag-tag fugitive fleet fled from the Cylon Empire. Besides “Killjoys,” Syfy is running “Dark Matter,” another Canadian import, and “The Expanse,” an interplanetary epic on the scale of “Game of Thrones” based on a popular book series.

What is going to happen in season three?

When we last saw our intrepid heroes, they saved the world but at the cost of the lives of two friends, Pawter (a doctor, and Johnny’s girlfriend), and Khylen, Dutch’s old mentor. Season two ended with Johnny heading out for some payback for Pawter with Clara, a cyborg with a gun arm she calls Alice, and Dutch and D’avin declaring war against the conspiracy that took Khylen’s life, and the lives of almost everyone else as well.

However, it looks like Dutch’s clone, Aneela, is hot on their trail. Also slated to return for more fun and action among the stars is Pree, the swishy former overlord and bar owner, Turin, the Killjoys’ boss, and perhaps Fancy Lee, a level five Killjoy. It looks like it’s time to save the world once again, and Friday nights will be a time to stay home -- away from the heat -- and watch some television.