Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and Austin Forsyth are now married, and the fans get to see the big wedding on "Counting On" tonight. The fans can't wait to watch the wedding go down, and now Us Magazine is sharing that Joy and Austin actually didn't totally follow tradition at their big day. The couple revealed that they did one thing different than other people, but they had a reason for it. They didn't kiss before they got married, but they did change things up.

What did Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth decide to do?

Normally on the wedding day, the groom doesn't see his bride until she is walking down the aisle.

It turns out that Joy and Austin did this a bit different, though. Austin Forsyth said, "Joy and I do things different. We needed to talk about some things and pray together, so we threw tradition out the window." The fans may get to see this all go down on the wedding tonight. Duggars wait to get kiss until they are actually married, though.

Austin explained that he has been praying about this day his entire life. Joy-Anna went on to say that she is now married to her best friend. These two seem like they are super excited to share their lives together.

What will you get to see this season on "Counting On"?

During this season of "Counting On," the fans will get to see a lot. The first episode will air tonight which will focus on Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding.

This will be a two-hour special. The rest of the season will focus on the older Duggar children. Joseph gets engaged at Joy's wedding, and the viewers can't wait to see that, plus get to know his new fiance Kendra Caldwell better. She has only been introduced to the fans and they haven't got a chance to know her yet.

Jinger Vuolo is dealing with living away from her family and getting used to married life.

Anna Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child. Jessa Seewald just had her second baby and will be getting used to being a mom to two small children. Jill Dillard is also pregnant with her second child. Fans are hoping that one of the other boys will end up courting too, but for now, you never know. There are also rumors that Jinger could be expecting, but she hasn't confirmed that yet to the fans.

Are you shocked to hear that Joy-Anna and Austin saw each other before their big moment? Are you excited to see their wedding tonight? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they air on Monday nights on TLC. This looks like it will be a great season.