Jeremiah Raber of "Return to Amish" has decided to sell a hat that he wore all season on the show. He also shared something that fans had no idea about, and it turns out that the show is already almost over. He went to his Facebook to share the details with fans. The new season is actually over this Sunday. It may seem like a really short season, but every week was two hours of the show plus an hour of a special about someone else. That means that the viewers got a lot of "Return to Amish," but of course, not as much as they wanted. Reality shows usually have fewer episodes per season than other shows that will get twenty-two episodes or more.

Why is the season ending so soon?

It turns out that Jeremiah Raber revealed the reason that the show was so short. He said, "This season was 6 episodes but if you break them down to normal 1 hour instead of 2 then there would of been twelve. So you all actually got more those season. We will let you know as soon as we know if there will be more to come. We have hope though." So far, it doesn't sound like "Return to Amish" has been renewed, but the fans would love to have it come back again. It does seem like a short season, but fans are loving it. TLC is known for not telling fans what is going on with their shows. They will not announce that it is coming back for a new season and then the next thing you know they will announce when it will start.

On the season finale, the fans are hoping to see updates on how everyone is doing. Sabrina has been dealing with child custody battles and Rebecca is doing her best to get her GED. It will be great to see if she is able to get that done before the end of the season.

Details on the hat

Jeremiah shared a few details about the hat as well. This is going to be the one that he wore all season on the show.

It will also be autographed and have a certificate of authenticity with it. This hat is from Jeremiah's line of clothing. If you are a fan of "Return to Amish," this is something pretty cool to get your hands on. The bidding could end up getting pretty high.

What do you think of Jeremiah Raber selling this hat? Are you sad that this season of "Return to Amish" is already coming to an end?

Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish" on Sunday nights on TLC. The only way to make sure shows like this come back is to speak out to TLC and let them know how much you want it back. Don't miss the season finale of "Return to Amish" when it airs on Sunday, June 4 on TLC.

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