Filming for "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 is officially underway in Sayulita, Mexico. On Saturday, the show's creator, Mike Fleiss, tweeted photos of host Chris Harrison and the now-famous "Paradise" bartender, Jorge. (photos below)

At least 30 contestants are expected to arrive in "Paradise" this season. Just like the first three seasons, there will be a core cast with about 15-17 contestants who will appear on the August 8 season premiere. As contestants are eliminated, more guys and girls will show up each week.

Which contestants are already in Mexico?

Mike Fleiss isn't leaking out the details about the cast just yet.

However, between Reality Steve's spoilers and some social media snooping, here's what we know so far.

Oh, and for those who thought Jorge the Bartender wouldn't be back on the show this season, it looks like he's ready to serve drinks and advice. There were reports that Jorge was no longer working at the resort where "Paradise" is taped — maybe he got his job back or they are filming at a new location?

Steve is not sure that Chase McNary will appear on "Bachelor in Paradise" this season. On Saturday, Chase was in L.A. with Josh Murray at a pool party, so clearly he's not part of the season premiere cast. As a side note, there are rumors that Chase will appear on the upcoming season of "Vanderpump Rules," so if he does go to "Paradise," chances are he won't be there for long.

Whether Chase shows up or not, his roommate, Robby Hayes (both from JoJo's season) is expected to be part of the season premiere cast. His last Instagram pic was on Thursday and he was wearing a tropical shirt. Dropping hints, Robby?

Reality Steve states that the following contestants will also be part of the initial cast — Jasmine Goode, Corinne Olympios, Raven Gates, Alexis Water, Amanda Stanton, Kristina Schulman, Ben Zorn, Jack Stone, and DeMario Jackson.

Yes, the guy who got kicked off "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay's season for having a girlfriend is heading to "Paradise." Was that whole girlfriend thing just producer-created drama?

Who will show up on future episodes?

ABC won't release the official cast list until to the premiere date.

However, Reality Steve's spoilers are usually fairly accurate. Although more contestant's names will surface in the days to come, fans can expect to see Taylor Nolan, Danielle Maltby, Christen Whitney, Astrid Loch, Whitney Fransway, Danielle Lombard, Alex Woytkiw, Dean Unglert, Brady Ervin, Matt Munson, and Alex Bordyukov show up in "Paradise" at some point during the season.

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